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Fine lines and wrinkles
Lines formed due to aging or constant use of muscles  that may be aesthetically bothersome. There are various solutions to minimize this appearance 

Crows Feet
Forehead wrinkles
Anger lines

Smile lines

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Fillers- RHA 4

Scars and Acne

Scars may leave depressions or holes on the skin due to acne or from trauma such as insect bites or from injury. 

BBWL offers various of treatments for scars and acne experiencing clients to minimize the bothersome appearance of scars.

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Platelet Rich Plasma
undereye teosyal.jpg

Tear Trough  "Undereye Bags" 

The darkness and hollowness of the under eye that may associate to looking tired due to loss of volume around the eyes. Often tear trough correction can be done by replacing volume in the cheeks and filling the groove of the lower eye using dermal fillers. In combination, radio frequency treatment can be done to further improve the appearance by tightening and skin resurfacing.

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Fillers-Redensity 1&2
Platelet Rich Plasma

Thinning Lips

Injecting dermal fillers to the lips to volumize and provide a more fuller appearance that is appropriate to the face. 

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Fillers- Kiss, RHA 1,2,3
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Beauty Photography


To redefine your jawline a soft tissue filler can be injected to the jawline to form and sculpt a sharper appearance. Radio frequency treatment is used in combination or itself to tighten the area to further enhance the facial aesthetics.

Morpheus 8
Fillers- Kiss, RHA 1,2,3

Enlarged Pores

To reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, Microbotox facial is a superficial injection that tightens the pores and smoothens skin complexion. 

Radiofrequency is a popular therapy for tightening the skin from pores to thin skin for a youthful and radiant appearance.

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Female white toothy smile

Gummy Smile

Excessive showing of the gums when smiling or talking. This can be treated with Neuromodulator injections with Botox or Dysport to minimize the bothersome appearance of a gummy smile.


Facial Volume Loss

Thinning and sagging of the skin due to decrease in collagen contributed often by aging. The popular radio frequency treatment can pull and restore volume loss in the face to bring a more youthful appearance.

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