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IV Vitamin Drip


IV Drip

Common Questions

What is IV Vitamin Drip?

IV therapy is a treatment done intravenously (through an IV in your arm). The treatment is pain free and makes you feel amazingly GOOD! All you need to do is sit back and relax while your body gets all the vitamins it’s been missing so desperately.

Vitamindrips are available for different treatments;

  • Hangover Relief

  • Headache Relief IV Drip

  • Hydration

  • IV Drip to Boost your Immune System

  • Glutathione

  • IV Therapy for Jet lag

  • Mood support

  • Athletic performance

  • Diet & Detox

  • Brain Health & Much More....

Connect today with our BEST to figure out your personal needs and what will benefit you the most. 


Vitamindrip® not just another treatment which mask symptoms but it works to prevent them. 


It is a safe treatment.

It is swift in many ways. Not only do patients see results and feel a difference rapidly than taking vitamins in pill form, but the treatments themselves are quick. A typical treatment will take roughly about 30-60 minutes and you’ll start to feel the difference in less than a few hours!  

IV therapy eliminates the need to add daily vitamins to your list of things to remember and overtime will reduce the amount you spend on vitamins.Lovely Isn't? 

How Long Does it Last?

One drip session lasts for about a week, scheduling regular sessions can further boost the results. 

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