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Woman Having Lip Botox

Our Treatments

At BBWL Medical Spa we proudly invest in our service menu to offer our clients the highest quality and standard of medical science and technology. 


Wrinkles are one of the most obvious signs of aging and, unfortunately, they occur naturally as we grow older. The brands we use, Dysport and Nucieva, are designed to relax the facial muscles underneath the skin to create a smooth and refreshed appearance. Our Toronto Botox Clinic is able to help reduce wrinkles by stopping the process that leads to their creation, giving your skin the chance it needs to soften and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

Morphues 8

Morpheus8 is a non-invasive treatment that uses a hand-held radiofrequency system that heats the surface of the skin to reduce the appearance of aging. It is an extremely powerful device used for skin tightening with no discomfort or downtime for smooth, natural looking results. 


Our bodies should be taken care of just as much as our faces. With advanced medical technology, we now can safely and comfortably transform our bodies.

From skin tightening, cellulite reduction, stretch marks softening, muscle toning and shrinking fat cells -we use Radiofrequency and Electro Muscle Stimulation with Morpheus 8 and Evolve devices to help support you in your body goals!


Votiva™ or Plus 90 is a safe and comfortable treatment that can provide rejuvenation to the the external and internal vaginal health issues without the need for surgery.

It is a very simple and comfortable treatment that has already helped many women.


Giving birth, getting older and losing a lot of weight can all contribute to poorly supported vaginal structures, characters by sagging, laxity, and discomfort. With childbirth and aging, it typically results in the widening of the vaginal canal which contributes to decreased sensation and stimulation during sex as well as hypersensitivity, dryness and pain. 

Votiva™ is a great treatment to help with the following common feminine health concerns:

  • Laxity and wrinkled appearance of the labia and vulva

  • Low blood flow and sensitivity

  • Pain sensation caused by labial hypertrophy

  • Level of sexual interest and self-esteem

  • Weakening of the vaginal muscles

  • Loosened vaginal canal especially after child birth

  • Urinary stress incontinence (involuntary dripping of urine)

  • Reduce dryness

Derma Fillers

Traditional hyaluronic acid fillers are typically injected into static areas of the face to accentuate contour or facial features, but the products we use, Teosyal® and RHA®, are designed with the idea that your face is anything but static. Teosyal® Filler can plump lips, address wrinkles, under-eye hollows and scars; while RHA® is best for the most mobile areas of the face like the cheeks, nasolabial folds and forehead.


Hair Thinning is a common issue we are experiencing as we age. Lifestyle or genetics, most men AND women are experiencing loss of hair density. 

At BBWL Medi Spa we offer both PRP (platelet rich plasma) and Exosomes (stem cells) for restoring your hair follicles.


Vitamin drips deliver 100% of the fluid, electrolytes and vitamins directly into your bloodstream safely and comfortably. 

Hydrate, boost energy levels and release those unwanted toxins = amazing.

The amount of nutrients in the blood can reach much higher, more therapeutic levels.

Nutrients enter the bloodstream immediately to help the body begin healing itself.

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